Vision & Values - Essential Element #1
Visionary leaders rethink and reinvent strategic vision for the new world of business; reshaping their company’s core values to model consistent messaging, measurements, and accountability that set the tone of trust for their organizations
Entrepreneurship - Essential Element #2
The entrepreneurial spirit has no walls and no boundaries; it sparks innovative thinking that creates new growth opportunities and sustains the business while evolving the culture.
Navigation – Essential Element #3
Companies that design and build entrepreneurial capabilities into their workforce culture extend the reach of their influence beyond their own organization to a wider ecosystem of customers, partners, suppliers, and community supporters.
Responsible Risktaking – Essential Element #4
Responsible risktaking is a cultural value that weaves itself throughout the company and becomes part of the organization’s DNA.
Disruption & Discontinuity – Essential Element #5
In a reinvented world the complexity of global problems and the speed at which beginnings and endings occur require different types of leaders and thought professionals—knowledge workers and institutional wisdom keepers.
Experimental & Exploration – Essential Element #6
Research and development, when tied to a company’s innovation engine, is an integral part of the new world of business—keeping innovators agile, flexible and driven by results.
Innovation & Invention – Essential Element #7
Companies that consider research and development as an investment strategy versus something to eliminate at the first whiff of economic distress—will differentiate themselves in the new world of business.
Transition & Training – Essential Element #8
Companies that disregard the need to make training and higher learning investments in their workers will pay a steep price in a reinvented world.
Networking & Collaboration – Essential Element #9
Leaders capable of building and sustaining relationship ecosystems that extend their company’s influential reach will differentiate themselves in the new world of business.
Execution - Essential Element #10
Getting the job done responsibly and credibly in the new world of business means showing up like you mean it--engaged in bold decisions using new business models--creating disciplined disruptions via ripples or waves that positively change your company, your organization, your communities, the country and the world for the better.